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Conversation Starters is a series of open-ended questions designed to help families kick-start an ongoing dialogue about budgeting, saving, investing and avoiding scams and frauds.

Whether you are just starting out as a newlywed or entering retirement, there are questions to get you and your loved ones talking about the often difficult issue of money. Click on one of the conversations below to get started. Each conversation will also take you to help and resources from state and provincial securities regulators so that you can take the next step toward more confidently managing your family’s finances.

Getting Started: Setting Up House
  • Setting Up House

    Communication is an essential part of a healthy financial and personal relationship. The conversation about money should be an open and honest dialogue with your spouse or significant other about your current financial situation and your investment goals.

Full House
  • Full House
    Conversation Starters for Parents and Kids

Help your children build good money habits by talking with them early and often about finances and by setting a good financial example. NASAA’s educational games and resources for youth can help get your children thinking and talking about personal finance. Use the questions below to jump start a conversation with your child about responsible money management.

At the Office
  • At the Office
    Conversation Starters for Working Adults and Employers

    Consider these questions to improve your understanding about available employee benefits and prepare yourself for possible career changes, job loss or retirement.

Empty Nest
  • Empty Nest
    Once you leave the workforce, it is important to talk with your loved ones about how to ensure that you retain your financial security and independence throughout your retirement. Ask yourself, your partner or your adult children these questions to help you re-evaluate your financial plan in retirement.
In Crisis
  • In Crisis
    Conversation Starters for When the Going Gets Tough

When in crisis, they are especially vulnerable to poor financial decision-making and fraud. If you find yourself dealing with a job loss, personal property damage, divorce or separation, illness, or death in the family, don’t rush into any emotional decisions about your family’s financial future. Take the time to ask yourself and your loved ones the below questions to more safely navigate out of a potentially devastating financial situation.

Military Families

Military life changes quickly with deployments, relocations, promotions or changes in dependents. You should prepare to make safe and wise financial decisions. To prepare yourself financially, consider the following information.

  • Guardianship
    Conversation Starters About Issues Surrounding Guardianship

It is never too early to being planning and setting up directives for your future, to ensure that you – and your finances – are protected later in life.

Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

Conversation Starter For Financial Professionals to Discuss Financial Ramifications of Opioid Addiction With Clients

Broker-dealer agents and investment adviser representatives are the center of financial influence for clients and well placed to identify and detect when a client is struggling with opioids or being financially exploited by someone struggling with opioids.

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