You’ve worked hard throughout your lifetime to build retirement security. As your first line of defense, NASAA members know that education and awareness are your best weapons in the fight against investment fraud.

Keep on Track

Although you have reached retirement, it is wise to continue to evaluate your current finances and investments to determine if you have planned appropriately.

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Serve Our Seniors

NASAA’s Serve Our Seniors website has a wealth of resources for senior investors and caregivers.

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Conversation Starter: Guardians
  • Guardianship
    Conversation Starters About Issues Surrounding Guardianship
NASAA's Senior Investor Resource Center

As your first line of defense against investment fraud, NASAA members have heard too many stories of scam artists who prey on unsuspecting seniors by offering “too good to be true” investment schemes.

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The Warning Signs of Guardian Financial Abuse

A trusted guardian can be a wonderful resource. But sometimes guardians may take advantage of the people or assets in their care. Be aware of the red flags of guardian financial abuse.

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