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State Rule Proposals

March 27, 2015

Washington Securities Divisions Issues Preproposal Statement of Inquiry

The Washington Securities Division is planning to propose rules to preserve filing requirements in connection with offerings of securities to be made under Tier 2 of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s newly adopted rules for Regulation A offerings. See below for details. Tier 2 Offerings Under Regulation A
January 10, 2014

Amendments to Federal Regulation D by Washington State Under Consideration

The Washington State Securities Division is considering proposing to amend WAC 460-44A to make ministerial updates to account for amendments to federal Regulation D.  The relevant files are below. CR-101 – Interested Persons Correspondence (pdf) WSR 14-02-126 (pdf)  
November 4, 2013

Maryland Order Extends Use of Maryland Limited Offering Exemption to LLCs, Others

On October 25, 2013, the Maryland Securities Division issued an order extending the use of the Maryland Limited Offering Exemption to LLCs and other entities. The order, which has additional detail, is available on the the division’s website, here.
April 3, 2013

Washington Proposes Amendments to Rules for Investment Advisers

The Washington Securities Division is proposing to amend the rules for investment advisers in Chapter 460-24A WAC. The proposed rules would update various provisions of the investment adviser rules, including the rules regarding financial reporting requirements, custody, books and records, and unethical practices.
June 21, 2012

Maryland Issues Exempt Reporting Adviser Order

The Maryland Securities Commission has issued an order amending the Maryland Securities Act to adopt the NASAA Registration Exemption for Investment Advisers to Private Funds Model Rule concerning treatment of certain private fund advisers under the Dodd-Frank Act.
May 18, 2012

Washington Amends Franchise Investment Protection Act

Washington’s Franchise Investment Protection Act, chapter 19.100 RCW (the “Act”), was amended to make technical corrections in the 2012 legislative session through Senate Bill 6172.    The amendments better align the Act with the Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule, 16 CFR § 436, and Washington’s Administrative Procedures Act.  The amendments:  Revise the franchise disclosure document delivery […]
March 16, 2012

Washington Proposes Amendments to Mortgage Broker-Dealer Rules

March 14, 2012 – The Washington Securities Division is proposing to amend Chapter 460-33A WAC, which provides an optional method of registration for “mortgage paper securities” as defined in WAC 460-33A-015(4). The proposed rules would strengthen investor suitability requirements; revise the calculation of the number of investors that may participate in a loan; establish requirements […]
March 6, 2012

Washington proposes to amend certain WAC sections to correct references to definitions in the Securities Act of Washington

March 6, 2012
March 5, 2012

Washington proposes amendments to conform “accredited investor” to federal law

March 5, 2012
February 15, 2012

Virginia proposal to adopt Model Rule on exemption of advisers to certain private funds

February 14, 2012

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