Retirement PlanningHow much do I need to retire?

Increasing numbers of working adults are preparing to retire without the traditional safety net of defined benefit pension plans. The responsibility for financial security in retirement now rests largely on the shoulders of the individual. While retirement planning can seem intimidating, it’s never too early or too late to start preparing for the future. State and provincial securities regulators are a source of accurate and unbiased financial information about retirement planning.

Confidently Planning Your Retirement

NASAA developed the Confidently Planning Your Retirement program as a pre-retiree outreach initiative designed to bring investor education to the workplace through on-site seminars.

  • Request a seminar. Employers interested in hosting a “Confidently Planning Your Retirement” seminar at their workplace can contact their local state or provincial securities regulator.
  • Start Smart. The first phase of planning for your retirement begins the moment you first enter the workforce. If you are in the first phase of your career, follow these tips to help you start smart with your retirement planning.
  • The Balancing Act. Mid-career, you may find yourself trying to balance the lifestyle you want now with the retirement you want for your future. In this second phase of your career, follow these helpful tips to gain control of your financial balancing act.
  • Facing Your Retirement. With five to ten years until retirement, you are likely at the peak of your earning capacity and enjoying a lifestyle that you would like to continue into retirement. In the third phase of your career, follow these tips to take action and confidently face your retirement.
  • Keep it on Track. Once the day has arrived, hopefully you are satisfied with the preparations you have made for your retirement. In this fourth phase of retirement planning, follow these tips to maintain your financial security and independence.
  • Additional Resources. Access retirement estimators, brochures and publications on retirement planning from government and non-profit agencies.


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