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NASAA Model Acts

NASAA Model Acts are state-level legislative proposals developed by committees of NASAA members. Proposed model acts are made available for internal and public comment before being presented to NASAA’s Board of Directors for review. Upon the Board’s approval, proposed model acts are presented to the full NASAA membership for a vote to adopt.

Once adopted by the NASAA membership, NASAA Model Acts are made available to individual NASAA members for consideration in their jurisdictions. Once adopted, NASAA Model Acts are typically shared with the public, as well as the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), the bipartisan organization that represents the state legislatures and works to “facilitate the exchange of information among legislatures.” NASAA members and staff periodically provide briefings to the NCSL and its membership regarding NASAA Model Acts.

NASAA Model Acts are generally accompanied by legislative commentary. The purpose of the commentary is to provide up-to-date information, as well as additional insight and context into certain elements of the model acts. NASAA generally updates its legislative commentary for all model acts annually, prior to the beginning of state legislative sessions.

Model Act to Create Restitution Assistance Funds for Victims of Securities Violations

Adopted by NASAA Members in May 2021, this model state legislation is designed to provide monetary relief to victims of securities violations where restitution from the wrongdoer does not cover the full loss. Learn More

Model Act to Award and Protect Whistleblowers

Adopted by NASAA members in August 2020, this model state legislation is designed to help states provide a safe environment for individuals to come forward to report suspected wrongful securities practices to state securities regulators. Learn More

Model Act to Protect Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation

Adopted by NASAA members in January 2016, this model state legislation gives industry participants and state regulators new tools to help detect and prevent financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Learn More

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