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NASAA Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NASAA values its diverse membership and is committed to a welcoming and accepting environment for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, disability, or background. NASAA is also committed to forging a powerful community that fosters integration, inclusion, respect, and treats everyone fairly.

How NASAA Defines DEI

  • Diversity refers to the characteristics that make individuals or groups different from one another.
  • Equity refers to treating everyone fairly. An emphasis on equity seeks to render justice by deeply considering structural factors that benefit some social groups and communities while harming others.
  • Inclusion refers to an intentional effort to transform the status quo by creating opportunities for those who have been historically marginalized. A focus on inclusion emphasizes outcomes of diversity and equity, rather than assuming that increasing compositional diversity automatically creates equity in access and opportunity, or an enhanced organizational climate.

The Benefits of DEI

Diversity leads to innovation, creativity, and better business decisions. Fostering and promoting DEI leads to a broader understanding of and better outcomes for our organization, members, employees, partner organizations, the industry regulated by our members, and the investing public.


  • Promote diverse representation from NASAA’s members in its leadership, activities, and the development of its policies.
  • Integrate and support the development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to promote diverse, equitable and inclusive environments.
  • Promote the recruitment and retention of the brightest and best minds to better understand and serve the diverse needs of investors, regulated firms and individuals, companies seeking capital, and the capital markets.
  • Provide members with tools and resources to attract and retain diverse talent.
  • Support our members’ DEI efforts, including through NASAA’s education and mentorship efforts.
  • Be accountable, and provide measurable results, to our members and stakeholders to implement DEI measures.

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