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CHICAGO – (September 21, 2021) – Maryland Securities Commissioner Melanie Senter Lubin began her one-year term this afternoon as the 104th president of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection and responsible capital formation, during the organization’s Fall Annual meeting.

“In the year ahead, NASAA will continue to advance its mission of advocating the important investor protection role of its members with the Administration, Congress and leadership at our peer regulatory agencies. We are going to roll up our sleeves and have a productive and successful year together,” said Lubin in remarks to the NASAA membership.

During her address, Lubin said she will use her term in office to continue the work made to advance NASAA’s legislative agenda and strategic plan. This includes advocating for legislative protections and reforms that benefit retail investors, monitoring government actions in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and sharing insights with NASAA members about activities at the federal and state level for the duration of the pandemic response and recovery.

Lubin added that expungement will be among the priorities of her term. “It is a long-held and strong position of NASAA’s that expungement is an extraordinary event to be granted in very limited circumstances. The current system of arbitrator-awarded expungements does not operate within these parameters, and I look forward to continuing to work this year with the SEC and FINRA to tighten the procedures surrounding expungements, that will go a long way toward stopping the ongoing threat to the integrity of recordkeeping and information available to stakeholders.”

Lubin announced NASAA’s 2021-2022 Board of Directors:

  • President-Elect: Andrew Hartnett of Iowa
  • Past-President: Lisa A. Hopkins of West Virginia
  • Treasurer: Claire McHenry of Nebraska
  • Secretary: Kevin Hoyt of New Brunswick
  • Board Member: William Beatty of Washington
  • Board Member: Marni Rock Gibson of Kentucky
  • Board Member: Leslie Van Buskirk of Wisconsin
  • Board Member: Diane Young-Spitzer of Massachusetts

Lubin also announced the Section Chairs and Vice Chairs for the upcoming year:

  • Broker-Dealer Section – Chair, Travis Iles of Texas
  • BrokerDealer Section – Vice Chair, Brett Olin of Nevada
  • Corporation Finance Section – Chair, Andrea Seidt of Ohio
  • Corporation Finance Section – Vice Chair, Peter Cassidy of Massachusetts
  • Enforcement Section – Co-chairs, Joe Borg of Alabama and Chris Gerold of New Jersey
  • Enforcement Section – Vice Chair, Joe Rotunda of Texas
  • Investment Adviser Section – Chair, William Carrigan of Vermont
  • Investment Adviser Section – Vice Chair, Linda Cena of Michigan
  • Investor Education Section – Co-Chairs Tom Cotter of Alberta and Jillian Lazar of Delaware
  • Investor Education Section – Vice Chair, Lynne Egan of Montana



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