Due to the nationwide effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), NASAA is expanding the EFD platform to include a simplified filing system for certain types of corporation finance offerings. The system will allow filers to electronically submit offering materials and pay state fees via ACH transfer.

You are invited to participate in a NASAA filer training webinar on Tuesday, June 2 at 1 pm ET, for a new system walkthrough. Members of the EFD Support Staff will be available to answer questions and provide guidance regarding system use and filing submission. To register for the training please follow this link

The types of offerings currently in scope for this expansion include: Registrations by Coordination; Registrations by Qualifications; Reg A Tier 1;  Reg A Tier 2 Notice Filings; State Crowdfunding Offerings; Federal Crowdfunding Notice Filings; Franchises; Reg. D – Rule 504; Ad Hoc Filings – Other than Form NF for Mutual Funds (These filings will include state-specific offering types that do not fit in any of the listed categories.)

Please feel free to forward this email to other filers that would be interested in joining the walkthrough. A list of participating jurisdictions and their form acceptance is attached here and will be updated and made available on the EFD site when more states join the system. For more information please visit the EFD website here or contact the helpdesk here