States Making Plans for Senior$afe Training Week

WASHINGTON (September 8, 2016) — The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) today announced that it has expanded its version of the Senior$afe training program to include specific training for employees of financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions.

“I am pleased that we are able to provide to our state members a robust program that can be used for training programs for a broad cross-section of the financial services industry, from broker-dealers and investment advisers to banks and credit unions, to help identify and report suspected cases of elder financial exploitation,” NASAA President and Maine Securities Administrator Judith Shaw said. “Training, identifying, and reporting are essential to address the growing problem of elder financial exploitation. We can all work together to provide a solution.”

Earlier this year, NASAA unveiled its version of Senior$afe training for broker-dealers and investment advisers. NASAA’s version of Senior$afe is based on the Senior$afe training program created and launched in Maine in 2014. NASAA collaborated with the Maine Council for Elder Abuse Prevention to rework the program to make it available for broker-dealers and investment advisers, and now, banks and credit unions.

Shaw also said NASAA has designated October 2-8 as “Senior$afe Training Week” and is encouraging its members to use the NASAA version of Senior$afe. To date, 17 NASAA member jurisdictions are planning on offering training during Senior$afe Training Week and other members either have offered or plan to offer the training before or after the week.

Shaw said Senior$afe trainings are being planned in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vermont.

A calendar of Senior$afe trainings is on NASAA’s Serve Our Seniors website ( and will be updated as additional training dates are announced.

NASAA is the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection. Its membership consists of the securities administrators in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the provinces and territories of Canada, and Mexico.

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