Regulatory & Legal Activity

Regulatory Activity

NASAA welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with our regulatory counterparts to collectively use our resources to protect investors. NASAA members also provide insight from their unique perspective to the SEC and SROs as they move forward in their rulemaking process.

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Legal and Enforcement Activity

Enforcement against fraud is the essence of what NASAA’s members do – to protect investors and to appropriately sanction and punish those who would harm or defraud investors.

Given both the important role financial markets play and the growing numbers of individuals turning to the markets for their long-term financial goals, it is imperative that more resources are focused on enforcement. NASAA urges state legislatures to strengthen enforcement resources for securities regulators. State and federal prosecutors rely on local securities agencies for expertise and guidance, help and support. To continue delivering this vital support, state securities regulators need additional staffing and resources in order to continue to attract and retain highly qualified personnel.

NASAA assists states in coordinating enforcement efforts regarding multi-state frauds by facilitating the sharing of information and leveraging the resources of the states more efficiently. NASAA’s Enforcement Section acts as a point of contact for the SEC, the FBI, the CFTC, Postal Inspectors, and FINRA; and helps identify new fraud trends.

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