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The Alert Investor

Welcome to The Alert Investor, a series of podcasts produced by NASAA to provide investors with investor protection news and information.

Knowledge is power. And nowhere is that more true than in the dynamic world of investing. But many investors today feel they lack the knowledge they need in navigating the twists and turns of the investing world.

Continuing a tradition of providing information that every investor can use, NASAA is pleased to provide The Alert Investor, a series of succinct, two-to-three minute, investor education podcasts.

The Alert Investor is a resource for you to learn about investing wisely, avoiding fraud and how to exercise your rights as an investor. The Alert Investor is an ongoing series addressing timely topics for investors of all ages.

Senior Investor Alert: Become a Free Lunch Monitor (Transcript)

Ponzi Schemes: How to Recognize and Avoid Ponzi Schemes (Transcript)

Resolution for Safe Investing: Resolve to Make Safe Investing a Priority (Transcript)

Senior Investor Alert: Seminars, Designations and Abusive Sales Practices (Transcript)

Your Rights as an Investor: Ten things to know before investing (Transcript)

Top 10 Investor Traps: Tips on how to avoid common investor traps (Transcript)

Talking to Your Parents About Senior Investment Fraud: Tips on how to discuss a sensitive subject with aging parents (Transcript)

Avoid Slippery Oil and Gas Scams: What to consider before signing onto risky oil and gas ventures (Transcript)

Investigate Before You Invest: Tips on how to investigate your financial professional before you invest (Transcript)

How Your State Securities Regulator Protects You: Learn how state securities regulators protect investors (Transcript)

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