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Conversation Starters for Parents and Kids

Getting Started

Help your children build good money habits by talking with them early and often about finances and by setting a good financial example. NASAA’s educational games and resources for youth can help get your children thinking and talking about personal finance. Use the questions below to jumpstart a conversation with your child about responsible money management.


  • What is the difference between a need and a want? Which is more important than the other?
  • How does your family make decision about spending and saving?
  • Why is it important to balance income (money coming in) with expenses (money going out)?
  • What are ways to earn more money (i.e. babysitting, lawn mowing)?


  • What are some ways to save money?
  • How can interest help make your savings grow?
  • Is there something special you want to save for?
  • What are some ways to save for a long-term goal like buying a car or going to college?


  • What is an investment and how does it work?
  • How can investing make your money grow?
  • What are some of the risks of investing?
  • What are some ways to make investing less risky?
  • Where can you get advice and information about investing?

Scams and Frauds

  • How can you tell whether an opportunity to make money is a scam?
  • Who can you trust with money advice? Remember, people may use social connections to trick you into a scam.
  • How can you verify an investment opportunity and the promoter? What should you do if someone approaches you with an easy way to make money?

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