Investor Education

Section Committee
Karen Tyler (ND), Chair
Diane Young-Spitzer (MA), Vice-Chair
Bernice Geiger (NM)
Tina Kotsalos (PA)
Marissa Sollows (NB)
Micaela Coleman (NASAA), Liaison

Project Groups

Alerts and Advisories
Diane Young-Spitzer (MA), Chair
Diane Childs (OR)
Lindsay Fedler (WI)
Marni Rock Gibson (KY)
Ken Gracey (BC)
John Maron (NC)
Mary Ann Smith (CA)

Elder Outreach
Bernice Geiger (NM), Chair
Theresa Kong Kee (HI)
Kelly May (KY)
Anna Rushton (SC)
Jillian Sarmo (CO)
Jennifer Shaw (OK)
Kathleen Titsworth (CT)

Life Stages
Tina Kotsalos (PA), Chair
Amanda Blanks (VA)
Kelly Igloe (OH)
Dan Lord (AL)
Lyn Peters (WA)
Kimberly Ryan (NL)
Shannon Stone (KS)
Lauren Strinden (ND)

Online Outreach and Social Media
Marissa Sollows (NB), Chair
Jessica Chillingworth (HI)
Kelly Griese (IN)
Kevan Hannah (ON)
Julia Miller (NM)
Justin Southern (WV)
Tanya Wiltshire (NS)