Corporation Finance Section

Section Committee
William Beatty (WA), Chair
Peter Cassidy (MA), Vice-Chair
Faith Anderson (WA)
Mark Heuerman (OH)
Jeff Soderstedt (PA)
Jo-Anne Matear (ON), Canadian Liaison
Anya Coverman (NASAA), Liaison
Mark Stewart (NASAA), Liaison

Project Groups

Business Organizations and Accounting
Michelle Webster, (WA), Chair
Jeff Coleman (OH)
Ashley Few (NJ)
James Liddell (ME)
Sandra Smith (AL)
Daniel Spungen (IN)
Joy Sakamoto-Wengel (MD)

Corporation Finance Policy
Dennis Britson (IA), Chair
John Crist (OH)
Ryan Germany (GA)
Nathan Quigley (WA)
Abby Onaghise (NJ)
Leslie Rose (BC)
Jill Vallely (WA)
Kaycee Wolf (TN)

Direct Participation Programs Policy
Mark Heuerman (OH), Chair
Tim Adams (AL)
Cambria Baish (PA)
Stephanie Cipolla (MA)
Nona Lane (NM)
Dan Matthews (WA)
Delfin Rodriguez (NJ)
Joy Sakamoto-Wengel (MD)

Franchise and Business Opportunities
Dale Cantone (MD), Chair
Martin Cordell (WA)
Theresa Leets (CA)
Timothy O’Brien (VA)
Joseph Punturo (NY)
Nathan Quigley (WA)
Jason Simmons (RI)
Henry Tanji (HI)

Small Business/Limited Offerings
Faith Anderson (WA), Chair
Jessica Brown (OH)
Ryan Germany (GA)
Jo-Anne Matear (ON)
Christopher Smith (VT)
Noelle Sykes (IN)
Michelle Webster (WA)
Kaycee Wolf (TN)

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