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“Top 10 Investment Scams” List Released by State Securities Regulators

WASHINGTON (April 23, 2001) – State securities regulators today released a list of the top 10 investment scams they are combating. New to the third annual list are risky payphone and ATM investments, often sold by independent life insurance agents, and so-called “callable” certificates of deposit sold to older Americans despite their 10- to 20-year […]

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Securities Industry and Regulators Launch Combined Investor Education Initiative

Group Unveils Informational Brochure On Promissory Notes Washington, D.C., April 12, 2001 – In an effort to ensure that the 78 million Americans who own securities are better informed about the ins and outs of investing, the National Association of Securities Dealers, the North American Securities Administrators Association, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the […]

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NASAA Statement on NASD Online Suitability Guidelines

(March 20, 2001) – These guidelines are an effort to strike the right balance between investor protection and marketplace and technological innovation. They do not attempt to address every possible scenario; there remains a lot of gray area. But these guidelines begin to bring needed clarity to this important area. In attempting to set out […]

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State securities cops announce actions against sellers of payphone schemes

Losses estimated at $76 million so far WASHINGTON (March 13, 2001) – State securities regulators from Washington state to Florida today announced actions against individuals and companies that promised high returns from risky or fraudulent investments in pay telephones. Securities regulators in 25 states¹ and the District of Columbia participated in the crackdown, identifying nearly […]

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NASAA Statement Regarding SEC Pay Parity and Reduction of Certain Fees

(March 1, 2001) – “The North American Securities Administrators Association supports congressional efforts to provide the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission with much-needed pay parity with their counterparts at the federal banking agencies,” said Marc Beauchamp, NASAA`s executive director. State securities regulators understand the difficulties the SEC faces in recruiting and retaining a […]

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NASAA Releases Federal Legislative Agenda

WASHINGTON (January 22, 2001) – State securities regulators released their federal legislative agenda Monday, urging final approval of bills that would enhance prosecution of abuses in the “micro-cap” market, impose greater accountability for federal preemption of state laws and simplify investor scrutiny of investment advisers. “With these proposals, Congress has an opportunity to both streamline […]

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NASAA statement on SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt

(December 20, 2000) – Arthur Levitt has provided much-needed continuity for our markets, the securities industry and investors alike. At a time when record numbers of small, often inexperienced, investors have turned to Wall Street, he has been our nation`s most visible investor advocate. Chairman Levitt has consistently stood up for the small investor. He […]

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NASAA Fills Board Vacancy

WASHINGTON (October 11, 2000) – W. Mark Sendrow, Arizona’s Director of Securities, was appointed today to the Board of the North American Securities Administrators Association to replace David Jonson, South Carolina’s Deputy Securities Commissioner, who is resigning to go into private legal practice. Sendrow was appointed Securities Commissioner in January 1999. Prior to that, he […]

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2000 Presidential Speech, Deborah Bortner, Director of Securities, Washington State Dept. of Financial Institutions

September 19, 2000, NASAA Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada

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State securities regulatory group installs new head, board of directors

New NASAA President Deborah Bortner promotes uniformity, use of technology, online investor education MONTREAL (September 19, 2000) – Deborah Bortner, Washington State’s Director of Securities, today took over as President of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). She succeeded Bradley Skolnik, Indiana’s Securities Commissioner. In an address at NASAA’s 83rd annual conference here, Bortner […]

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