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NASAA Cautions Investors Not to Stumble When Interest Rates Fall Flat

February 1, 2012 – Following the Federal Reserve’s announcement that interest rates are expected to remain low until at least late 2014, NASAA today cautioned investors to beware of risky or outright fraudulent investments promising higher yield or returns.

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Senior Investor Resource Center

NASAA provides tools specifically for senior investors to help you protect yourself against investment fraud.

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Informed Investor Alert: Annuities

Annuities are complex products that may combine the characteristics of insurance and investment securities. Because of their hybrid nature, annuities are sometimes marketed as one-size-fits-all products. This is simply not true.

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Sandwich Generation: Red Flags of Investing

Members of the Sandwich Generation, their elderly family members and their children should watch for these red flags when considering an investment opportunity.

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Sandwich Generation: Your Parents

Tips for Sandwich Generation adult children on managing their parents’ finances.

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Sandwich Generation

Get help understanding, balancing and managing the financial needs of your children, you and your parents.

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Additional Resources for Seniors

NASAA members and other consumer education organizations offer excellent resources to help seniors better understand their investments.

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Misleading Senior Designations

Seniors should carefully check the credentials of individuals holding themselves out as “senior specialists.”

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10 Tips to Protect Your Nest Egg

NASAA offers seniors ten common-sense solutions to avoid investment fraud.

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Free Lunch Monitor

NASAA is working with AARP to ensure that senior investors are not being pressured into purchasing fraudulent or unsuitable investments at free lunch seminars.

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