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NASAA Urges Congress to Reject the “Securities Fraud Act”

June 13, 2018:Borg: “Real people will suffer as a result of this misguided and irresponsible legislation.”

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Seniors at Risk From Financial Fraud

August 21, 2017–Survey of State Securities Regulators Highlights Seniors as Most Vulnerable and the Need for Better Fraud Detection

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Informed Investor Advisory: EB-5 Fraud

Under the EB-5 program, foreign investors who meet certain eligibility requirements can apply for conditional resident alien status (i.e., a conditional “green card”) in the United States by investing in the American economy. The EB-5 program has increased in popularity in recent years and with it has come increased allegations of fraud.

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NASAA Cautions Fraud Victims About Third-Party Asset Recovery Companies

December 10, 2015–Firms May Offer Fraud Victims Little More Than False Hope for a Fee

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NASAA Fraud Ninja

Welcome to the home of the Fraud Ninja, NASAA’s latest investor awareness resource. The Fraud Ninja series was developed by the Online Outreach and Social Media Project Group of NASAA’s Investor Education Section.The Ninja knows!     Amateur Time   Fraud Among Friends   Gold Mining   Oil and Gas Fraud   Timeshare King    

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Red Flags of Fraud

Are You a Potential Target of an Investment Scam? Fraudsters are skilled liars and will approach anyone at any age if they are perceived to have the assets to invest.  Protect yourself by learning to recognize the red flags of a fraudulent investment pitch.  Here are some common phrases that can lure you into the […]

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NASAA Marks Military Saves Week by Taking Aim at Fraud Targeting Military Members

February 21, 2012 – NASAA encourages military members and their families to shore up their defenses against investment fraud during Military Saves Week.

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Self-Directed IRAs and the Risk of Fraud

The SEC and NASAA warn investors of the potential risks associated with investing through self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (self-directed IRAs).

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NASAA Cautions Investors About Social Networking Fraud

September 7, 2011 – NASAA cautioned investors to make sure they know who they are doing business with when considering investments pitched through “friends” on social networking sites.

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NASAA Fraud Center

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