NASAA Podcast Archive

Continuing a tradition of providing relevant and timely information for investors, policymakers and industry, NASAA is pleased to provide NASAA Talks, a series of unscripted conversations on a broad range of topics, including compliance matters, policy discussions and NASAA history.


Welcome to The Alert Investor, a series of podcasts produced in 2007 by NASAA to provide investors with information to learn about investing wisely and avoiding investment fraud.

Senior Investor Alert: Become a Free Lunch Monitor (Transcript)

Ponzi Schemes: How to Recognize and Avoid Ponzi Schemes (Transcript)

Resolution for Safe Investing: Resolve to Make Safe Investing a Priority (Transcript)

Senior Investor Alert: Seminars, Designations and Abusive Sales Practices (Transcript)

Your Rights as an Investor: Ten things to know before investing (Transcript)

Top 10 Investor Traps: Tips on how to avoid common investor traps (Transcript)

Talking to Your Parents About Senior Investment Fraud: Tips on how to discuss a sensitive subject with aging parents (Transcript)

Avoid Slippery Oil and Gas Scams: What to consider before signing onto risky oil and gas ventures (Transcript)

Investigate Before You Invest: Tips on how to investigate your financial professional before you invest (Transcript)

How Your State Securities Regulator Protects You: Learn how state securities regulators protect investors (Transcript)

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