Wisconsin E-Filing Application Update

DECEMBER 17, 2009 –This update is to announce that a new electronic filing application has been developed by Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institutions that will allow customers to file franchise registrations and amendments online. Wisconsin is the first state to develop an electronic filing system, and it is on schedule to be available for general use in January of 2010.

Currently, the project is in a pre-general release phase, in which DFI is inviting a limited number of filers to use the new application to submit their franchise registration(s) online, instead of on paper. The filings made during the pre-general release phase will not be of a “practice” nature, but rather will result in the same registration effectiveness status as would result from making a paper filing.

If you have a filing to submit between now and January 15, 2010, and would like to file it online, please contact WI DFI’s Division of Securities at 608-266-1365 for further instructions.

For additional information, please see Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institution’s website at: www.wdfi.org/fi/securities/franchise/