Statements of Policy

NASAA Adopted Statements of Policy Index


  Statements of Policy for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers
  Dishonest or Unethical Business Practices of Broker-Dealers and Agents
  Dishonest or Unethical Business Practices by Broker-Dealers and Agents in Connection with Investment Company Shares
  Cross Border Trading by Broker-Dealers and Agents
  General Statements of Policy for Registration of Securities
  Corporate Securities Definitions
  Impoundment of Proceeds
  Loans and Other Material Affiliated Transactions
  Options and Warrants
  Preferred Stocks
  Promoter’s Equity Investment
  Promotional Shares
  Specificity in Use of Proceeds
  Underwriting Expenses and Underwriter’s Warrants
  Unsound Financial Condition
  Voting Rights
  Statements of Policy for Specific Types of Securities
  Registration of Asset-Backed Securities (Amended May 6, 2012)
  Registration of Publicly Offered Cattle-Feeding Programs
  Church Bonds and Church Bonds – Cross Reference Sheet
  Church Extension Fund Securities
  Registration of Commodity Pool Programs (Amended May 6, 2012)
  Debt Securities
  Registration of Equipment Programs (Amended May 6, 2012)
  Registration of Mortgage Programs
  Registration of Oil Gas Programs (Amended May 6, 2012)
  Real Estate Investment Trusts
  Real Estate Programs
  Omnibus Guidelines
  Model Accredited Investor Exemption
  World Class Foreign Issuer Exemption
  Interpretive Order Concerning Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisers, Broker-Dealer Agents and Investment Adviser Representatives Using the Internet for General Dissemination of Information on Products and Services
  Statements of Policy Regarding Franchises
  Uniform Franchise Delivery Requirements
  Franchise Registration and Disclosure Guidelines
  Internet Offers of Franchises
  Electronic Delivery of Franchise Disclosure Documents
  Franchise Advertising on the Internet
  Other Statements of Policy
  Risk Disclosure Guidelines
  Multi-State Review of Requests for Interpretive Opinions and No-Action Letters
  Internationalization of Securities
  Uniform Disclosure Guidelines for Cover Legends
  NASAA Resolution Regarding Blank Check and Blind Pool Offerings
  Obsolete Statements of Policy
  General Obligation Financing by Religious Denominations
  Real Estate Investment Trusts
  Registration of Commodity Pool Programs
  Registration of Asset-Backed Securities
  Real Estate Programs
  Omnibus Guidelines
  Registration and Qualification of Oil and Gas Programs
  Mortgage Program Guidelines
  Health Care Facility Offerings
  Equipment Programs
  Please contact the states in which you plan to file a registration to determine if the state has adopted these amendments.