NASAA Annual Report

Each year, NASAA spotlights the accomplishments and activities of state and provincial securities regulators.

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2016-2017 NASAA Year in Review

Previous Reports

2015-2016: Leading the Way

2013-2014: In Pursuit of Smart Regulation & Investor Protection

2012-2013: The Pillars of Protection

2011-2012: Welcome to the Next Century of Investor Protection

2010-2011: Standing Strong for Investors

2009-2010: Fighting Fraud, Protecting Investors, Championing Reform

2008-2009: Comprehensive, Collaborative, Efficient, Strong

2007-2008: Because Every Investor Deserves Protection

2006-2007: Advancing a Legacy of Investor Protection

2005-2006: Working Together to Protect Investors

2004-2005: Protecting Investors & Restoring Integrity



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