Web CRD Search – Back to Results Workaround

The functionality in CRD and IARD used to “search” for an individual or firm was enhanced in the last release. One complaint that we have heard from a number of states is that once a user selects an individual or firm from the presented search matches, the user can’t get back to the results list. We agree that this functionality would be useful and are working to add a “back to results” functionality in an upcoming release. In the interim, there is a work around that users can employ if they aren’t sure which result in the list is the one they are truly looking for. If a user right clicks on the presented result option, they can choose to view the details for that individual or firm in a new window. If the user then determines that this is not the firm or individual for which they were looking , they can close the ”new” window and be returned to the original search results to view another option. Attached are screen shots describing this search work around. Please feel free to contact Regulatory User Support (reg.support@finra.org or 240-386-4242) should you have any questions about process.

1. Navigate to View Individual or View Organization
2. Enter search criteria such as Last Name and Click on Search button
 3. Search Results are generated/displayed
 4. Right Click on Name hyperlink and then select “Open new tab or Open in new window”
 5. A new tab or window will appear and display the individual’s (or firm) CRD composite record. If this is not the correcrt record, execute another search in the first window or tab.
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