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Rhode Island Issues Notice of Hearing and Proposed Franchise Rule

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Request for Public Comment: Cross Reference Sheets

The NASAA Board of Directors has authorized release for public comment the following amendments to add cross reference sheets in the NASAA Guidelines for the Registration of Asset-Backed Securities, the Registration of Equipment Programs, the Registration of Commodity Pool Programs, and the Registration of Oil and Gas Programs. Comments on the proposed amendments are invited. […]

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Legal Reports and Studies

Investigative Report on “Free Lunch” Seminars Report of the Task Force on the Future of Shared State and Federal Securities Regulation Functional Regulation in the 21st Century: What’s Reasonable for Investor Protection and for Agents Selling Variable Annuities? NASAA Day Trading Report & Analysis In 1999, NASAA issued an extensive report based on a seven-month […]

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Legal Briefs

NASAA plays an important role in representing the membership’s position, including as amicus curiae, in significant legal proceedings that may have a widespread impact upon securities regulators and the rights of investors. An index of all NASAA legal briefs is below. 04/04/16 NASAA’s brief to the New York Court of Appeals in People of the […]

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Dodd-Frank Information Center

September 28, 2010 – “This legislation clearly is going to restructure relationships among regulators. We have an opportunity to strengthen these relationships and to engage in productive discussions about how our shared responsibilities can better protect investors.” – David S. Massey

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State Rule Proposals Archive

In the event that the State Rule Proposal you are looking for is not present, please get in touch with us.  [Note, some pdfs are beyond our control and some may have been removed over the years.] View all current and past state rule proposals here. 01/30/12 Washington considers proposing to amend certain WAC sections […]

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Model Rules & Acts

In the event that the Model Rule that you are looking for is not here, please let us know. Model Acts 01/22/16 NASAA Model Act to Protect Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation Model Rules 05/15/16 Model Notice Filing Rule for Regulation A-Tier 2 Offerings 09/29/15 Model Rule Exempting Certain Merger & Acquisition Brokers (“M&A Brokers”) […]

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Regulatory Comment Letters

If the comment or correspondence letter you are looking for is not here, please get in touch with us.

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Proposal to Revoke NASAA Health Care Facility Offering Statement of Policy

The Board of Directors of the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA), has authorized release for public comment a proposal to repeal, revoke, or otherwise make inactive, the NASAA Health Care Facility Offerings Statement of Policy. The comment period will remain open for 30 days. Comments on the proposed repeal of the Health Care Facility Offerings […]

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NASAA Regulatory Reform Roundtable

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) convened a public roundtable discussion in December 2008 to outline changes in the financial services regulatory structure that are necessary to promote Main Street investor protection, which state securities regulators have provided for nearly 100 years. “At this critical time in our nation’s history, it is imperative that […]

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