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NASAA Warns Online Investors to Beware of Hack Attacks

Investors Urged to Carefully Monitor Online Trading Accounts WASHINGTON (October 26, 2006) – The North American Securities Administrators Association today warned investors to carefully monitor their online trading accounts in the wake of “hack attacks” in which predators have broken into customer accounts at online brokerages in the United States and Canada and made unauthorized trades […]

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State Securities Regulators Remind Investors to Do Their Homework Before Investing in 529 College Savings Plans

WASHINGTON (December 22, 2005) —As the year draws to a close, many investors are making decisions for their long-term financial goals, including saving for college through Section 529 College Savings plans. With increasing numbers of investors turning to these plans to help finance higher education costs, state securities regulators are concerned that they may not […]

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Senior Investor Alert: Senior Specialist Designations

Seniors should carefully check the credentials of individuals holding themselves out as “senior specialists.”

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Affinity Fraud: Beware of Swindlers Who Claim Loyalty to Your Group

State securities regulators are warning investors to be on guard against a rise in affinity group fraud.

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NASAA Warns Investors to Beware of Phantom Regulators

Con Artists Posing as U.S. Regulators Go Global to Lure Investors WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 28, 2005) – Want to check out a hot stock tip before you invest? Make sure you aren’t getting bad advice from con artists posing as regulators, warns Franklin L. Widmann, Chief of the New Jersey Securities Bureau, and President of […]

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