Broker-Dealer Section

Section Committee
Bryan Lantagne (MA), Co-Chair
Tanya Solov (IL), Co-Chair
Pamela Epting (FL)
Michael Youngberg (SD)
Chris Besko (MB), Canadian Liaison
Joseph Brady (NASAA), Liaison

Project Groups

Leslie Van Buskirk (WI), Chair
Susan Largman (NJ), Vice-Chair
Elizabeth Block (NY)
Emily Cheatham (SC)
Anthony Leone (MA)
Rhonda Reeves (LA)

Continuing Education
Linda Bailey (TX), Chair
Linda Cena (MI)
Deborah Fabritz (WI)
Diane Ridley Gatewood (NY)
Joseph Brady (NASAA), Liaison

Investment Products and Services
Carol Anne Foehl (MA),  Chair
Duke Browne (TX)
Anna Dennis (KY)
Deborah Fabritz (WI)
Lora Dyer (WV)
William Pultinas (OH)
Wesley Walker (SC)

Market and Regulatory Policy and Review
Carolyn Mendelson (PA), Chair
Courtney Bowling (TX)
Elyse Boyle (MA)
Zesely B. Haislip, Jr. (NC)
Charles Lyons (UT)
Claire McHenry (DC)

James Nix (IL), Chair
Dixie Baxley (MO)
Marla Breland (MS)
Amber Crouch (AR)
Carol Gruis (OK)
Klem Klementon (CT)
Ricky Locklar (AL)
Ronak Patel (TX)

Variable Annuities
Mark Kissler (WA), Chair
Lilah Blackstone (DC)
Lynda Kammeier (MO)
Lindsay Laxon (ME)